QR codes provide kids with a way to recommend library books

mobile qr codes in library

Two libraries in the Netherlands are using quick response codes in a project to encourage reading.

In the Netherlands, two libraries – Hoogeveen Library and Assen Library (Bibliotheek Assen and Bibliotheek Hoogeveen) – are now working together on a project that uses QR codes in order to encourage kids to read more through an innovative and interactive program.

Kids are able to use video linked through the quick response codes to explain why a book is their favorite.

The program works by giving kids the ability to be able to record themselves on video as they tell other children why they should read a certain book – particularly their very favorite book. Unique QR codes are then attached to the published books so that children visiting the library can scan them using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Once the barcode has been scanned, it displays the video that helps to promote a certain book and that will, hopefully, get other readers excited about reading it.

The QR codes based project has been made possible for these libraries through the Rabo Fund’s financial support.

mobile qr codes in libraryThe Q project was officially launched at both of the libraries last week. There was quite the opening ceremony at Assen Library, where there were local political figures present, as well as an airbrush artist who placed the final touches on the Dummie the Mummy (Dummie de Mummie) piece, which was based on the popular book and upcoming film.

The quick response codes will also be located in areas outside of the library. They have been positioned in areas around the city that are frequented by kids. The hope is that children will spot the QRcodes and will be intrigued by what it will contain. Scanning directs the child to the video which can be viewed and, hopefully, appeal to the child so that he or she will want to head to the local library and pick up the book associated with that video.

The libraries have been investing in several programs to help to bring children back in their doors and to assist them in selecting books that they will find fun and interesting. Once the kids are there, they will have access to more QR codes that will provide them with more book recommendations so that they will have every reason to keep coming back.

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