QR codes provide guided tours of the Wildwood Aviation Museum

qr codes aviation museum

qr codes aviation museumVisitors simply need to scan the barcodes in order to gain access to an enhanced experience.

The Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum has just announced the completion of its application of QR codes in order to help to provide visitors with a guided tour with the assistance of their mobile devices.

The installation includes barcodes that have been strategically placed in a number of locations.

These QR codes have been placed specifically within the historic Hangar #1, where visitors can use smartphones, tablets, and other similar mobile devices to scan them. The NAS Wildwood has been an aviation museum since 1997, and this most recent use of the barcodes integrates well with its tradition for using technology in order to enhance the experience provided to visitors.

The QR codes are easy to scan with a smartphone and provide access to more information for guests.

When the QR codes have been scanned, the guest’s mobile device receives interesting background history on the various interactive displays, aircraft, and exhibits throughout the Hangar of the museum. Though this is becoming an increasingly common trend among tourist sites and attractions, NAS Wildwood has become the first aviation museum in the United States to implement this type of strategy with this technology.

The museum currently features more than 26 different displays of aircrafts, in addition to military memorabilia exhibits, engines, photographs, and even interactive exhibits that give visitors the chance to experiment with the science behind flight. The Hangar, itself, was originally built in 1943 by the U.S. Navy, which used it as a training facility for dive bombers. The entire museum has been dedicated to the 42 airmen who died during training procedures while at NAS Wildwood.

It has provided guests with a considerable amount of information while they have been visiting the museum. However, they are hoping that by allowing these guests to scan QR codes, it will improve their ability to provide more interesting and relevant information in the form of a digital tour, using a device that is being carried by a rapidly growing number of people who step into the Hangar.

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