QR codes on pork labels inform consumers

qr codes on pork food
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Quick response codes are being added to these products so that consumers can take part in the “We Care” campaign.

As QR codes make their way into the food industry to a growing degree in order to give consumers the opportunity to gain information about what they are eating, the Pork Checkoff has not missed the opportunity to label pork with these quick response codes.

This has allowed them to view the pork industry’s “We Care” animal welfare and care initiative videos.

Scanning the QR codes provides consumers with a way to view the video series about pork production so that they will know what happens before the food arrives in their grocery stores. According to the Pork Checkoff food chain outreach manager, Angela Anderson, “We wanted to find the best way to share this information with consumers.” She added that their decision was that videos were the fastest and most effective way to grab the attention of consumers and share the principles of the We Care campaign.

To view the videos, consumers simply need to scan the QR codes with any reader app.

qr codes on pork foodFollowing the scan of the quick response codes, the mobile device users are brought to a mobile website with a focus on animal welfare, nutrition, feed additives, and antibiotic use. There, the videos can be viewed so that they can learn about all of these subjects and what the We Care campaign is all about.


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In order to provide an additional incentive for consumers to scan and learn more, some retailers are also offering the chance for their shoppers to win a gift card worth $500 for using these smartphone barcodes. The intention of Pork Checkoff is to follow up the video by sending a survey to select participants in this promotion so that they can obtain valuable feedback and better polish the campaigns that they create in the future.

The assistant vice president of channel marketing at the Pork Checkoff, Jarrod Sutton, explained that they wish to improve the campaign and the way that they will continue to use the QR codes. He said that “We have so many ideas on how to develop the program further,” and added that they feel that the entire pork industry is already going the right way by boosting their transparency and providing consumers with the tools that they need to discover what they need to know about what brings their pork from the farm to their tables.

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