QR codes patent for workplace digital signage awarded to the Marlin Company

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This patent involved the creation of an interactive experience between the digital signs and the mobile devices of employees.

The Marlin Company has just announced that it has now received its third patent for QR codes that are displayed on digital signage in the workplace, helping it to secure its position in the use of these barcodes within this niche.

The Wallingford, CT company has now received U.S. Patent Number 8,516,527 for this use of the barcodes.

The company considers itself to be one of the pioneers in workplace digital signage solutions. The Marlin Company uses electronic message boards to help companies to promote increased engagement, as well as motivate and inform their employees through the use of dynamic animated content.

qr codes in the workplaceThe screens with the QR codes are often placed in areas where employees gather, such as break rooms and cafeterias.

The functionality with QR codes was introduced by Marlin in order to make the signage more interactive, as they can be scanned by the employees who use their smartphones and tablets. The content management software from the company makes it possible to add the barcodes to charts, memos, or even PowerPoint presentations, so that they can be displayed on the screen.

Any smart device with a scanner app for QR codes can be used to read the barcode. When the employees perform a scan, they may be directed to additional information, or they could be provided with the chance to offer feedback. Even a new job posting could feature a barcode that can be scanned so that more details about the position can be obtained. It could also link the individual to websites, text documents, surveys, and emails.

According to the Marlin Company president, Frank Kenna III, “Effective communication in the workplace is all about engagement.” He added that “Digital signage offers a great platform for visual communication which is highly effective at getting employees’ attention. QR codes take the experience to the next level by encouraging employees to interact with the content.” Equally, employers can take advantage of these benefits by being able to obtain considerable feedback from employees.

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