QR codes now included in innovative new smartphone skins

QR code phone skins

QR code phone skins

Phoenix-based business develops new smartphone advertising technique.

An Arizona company called Android Shields has now come up with a way to use QR codes as a protective cell phone skin in order to allow users to immediately share their Vcard or their company’s mobile website or social network page with other smartphone users.

This technique essentially eliminates the missed opportunity when a prospective client cannot be provided with print information.

The barcode can be scanned by that potential customer, who can then gain immediate access with all of the contact, company, brand, and product information necessary in order to encourage future business and communication.

The combination of this marketing and information sharing opportunity with the appeal of a protective “skin” that will help to improve the durability of these technologically advanced and yet quite fragile devices. They can actually help to save the smartphone in the event that it is dropped, scratched, or bumped in some other way.

These custom designed skins have been the primary business of Android Shields, but they are now stepping up this opportunity by allowing businesses to promote their logos, as well as their services and products through scannable QR codes that are very easy to use. Furthermore, because they can direct the individual who has scanned the barcode to entire websites, they can provide a much larger amount of information to that person than would ever be available on a business card or pamphlet.

Moreover, when they lead to a vCard or mobile commerce site, they are a direct path to further action.

This technology will only increase in its potential, as a growing number of Americans adopt smartphones. According to a Neilsen research study performed in May 2012, approximately 50 percent of all cellular phone using people in the United States now have smartphone devices.

All that is required in order to scan the QR codes on the Android Shields smartphone skins is a mobile device that has a camera feature, a free barcode scanning app, and internet access. It also promotes a much greener form of marketing, as many companies will be able to replace their print materials with a simple scan.


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