QR codes and NFC technology used in Ralph Lauren displays at Harrods

Harrods London QR codes nfc technology

The brand has taken over a massive 15 window display at the London location of the luxury department store.

Ralph Lauren has taken a mobile marketing approach to the displays that it has added to 15 windows at Harrods in London, using both NFC technology and QR codes in the form of stickers that will allow pedestrians to scan or tap to learn more.

These two mobile marketing elements have been provided through Proxama, a specialist in proximity commerce.

A statement released by Proxama explained that “Each window is displaying large vinyl lenticulars and stickers allowing consumers to tap or scan the display to initiate a landing page on their smartphones.” In this way, pedestrians traveling by the windows, as well as shoppers who are headed into the store can scan the QR codes or tap the NFC technology enabled stickers in order to be provided with “an interactive map guiding them to the Fashion Lab, a recently launched area within Harrods where the collection is located.”

Moreover the NFC technology and QR codes help customers to continue shopping even when the store is closed.

Harrods London QR codes nfc technologyThis way, even when the doors to the physical Harrods location are closed for the night, users of mobile devices can scan the barcodes or tap the tags and be directed immediately to the retailer’s website and can still access the Ralph Lauren collections.


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In order to create this mobile marketing experience at Harrods, Proxima has chosen to use the TapPoint platform. This is meant not only to offer the users a smooth and simple experience, but it can also provide Harrods with a “complete user journey and granular campaign analytics,” said the Proxima statement. This means that both the retailer and Ralph Lauren will be capable of real time monitoring of the progress of the campaign, in order to make certain that they will bring in a “maximum return on investment.”

The media sales director at Harrods, Guy Cheston discussed this new use of QR codes and NFC technology by saying that customers are increasingly using digital technology such as mobile, so the company is eager to discover new ways in which its brands will be able to provide customers with an interactive experience even while they are in the physical store location or when they are walking by when the store is closed.

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