Burger King QR codes join Lil Yachty in marketing campaign at the VMA

Lil Yachty and The King - Burger King VMA Commercials - YouTube

The fast food chain employed a unique strategy for connecting with the event’s viewers. Brand mascot and Lil Yachty made an unlikely appearance together at the MTV Video Music awards alongside on air Burger King QR codes. The barcodes were used to allow viewers to scan using smartphones to gain various discounts. Attention was drawn to the Burger King QR codes through giant royal mascot and popular rapper. Together, they took over the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) by way of augmented reality appearances last Sunday night. The VMAs are…

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Concern rises that seniors won’t scan bus COVID-19 Tracer app QR codes

COVID-19 Tracer app - passenger on bus

Auckland Transport’s contact tracing strategy may not work well for elderly riders. Starting Friday, all public transportation users in Auckland, New Zealand, will be required to use the COVID-19 Tracer app QR codes displayed. However, many people are concerned that seniors won’t be able to use this technology. Many elderly transit users do not have the smartphones needed to scan the QR codes. That said, the New Zealand government has stated that there are other ways for people to be able to ensure they are contacted if it is believed…

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Standardization of the Turkey QR code payment services ready

Turkey QR code payment services - Flag of Turkey

The central bank has officially regulated the use of the quick response codes for financial transactions. Turkey QR code payment services now officially have regulations for standardization across the country. These regulations were implemented by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT). The regulation, generation and use of the barcodes fall under the TR QR Code in Payment Services guidance. The CBRT has put the Turkey QR code payment services regulation into effect as of August 21, 2020. As a result of this standardization, payments transacted using the…

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Cigar QR codes inform consumers about their product purchases

Cigar QR codes - cigars

The quick response codes are printed on all Serie V Melanio line products to reveal their histories. Olivia Cigars has announced that it is adding the first cigar QR codes to its products in the Serie V Melanio line. The goal is to help show consumers the origins of the product and the fascinating process through which it is made. The barcodes are meant to provide more depth to the experience available to shoppers. These cigar QR codes will be unique on each of the Serie V Melanio products. They…

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Pomegranate QR codes at INI Farms to help keep consumers informed

Pomegranate QR codes - Pomegranates

The quick response barcodes will also help to make it easier to trace the history of the fruit. Indian grower and marketer INI Farms has added pomegranate QR codes to its fruit in order to boost traceability while keeping consumer more informed. INI Farms is adding the barcodes to all its fruits while increasing the capacity to trace each scanned fruit. In addition to the pomegranate QR codes, INI will also be using upgraded traceability tools and techniques. All the company’s pomegranates sold under its Kimaye brand will now feature…

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