QR codes mingle with volleyball as UK Olympic hopefuls pick up sponsorship

QR Code Promotion
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QR Code Promotion
QR codes are making their way to the 2012 Olympics and will be displayed on all British volleyball teams hoping to earn their spot in the massive competition. Volleyball players are well known for adorning their bronzed skin with various advertisements and sponsorship logos. These often come in the form of temporary tattoos. With the Olympics swiftly approaching, however, British teams are looking for more interactive forms of promotion than simple tattoos. One team, in particular, has set its sights on QR codes.

Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin, both acclaimed volleyballers from the UK, have netted themselves a new sponsorship deal with Betfair, a prominent betting site based in Britain. As per the sponsorship agreement, the duo will be donning QR codes, but not on their skin. The codes will be plastered on their bikini bottoms for all to see. The company says that this is the best place to put the codes because the area is not overly exposed to the sun, and because that particular area commands so much attention.

The codes will link to Betfairs website where users can place bets on a multitude of sporting events, Olympian or otherwise. Unfortunately, very few smart phones are equipped with cameras strong enough to scan the fairly small codes from the bleachers. Coupled with the constant and aggressive movements volleyball players are well known for, the codes may not be as successful as Betfair hopes.

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