QR codes mark the beginning of new fashion magazine Meets Obsession

QR Code Art

QR Code Art
The creator of Twitter’s notorious Fail Whale, Yiying Lu, has been tapped to provide illustrations for the first issue of Meets Obsession magazine. The magazine is a new fashion publication whose focus revolves around pop culture and avant garde fashion and music. Lu’s will be adding hand-drawn QR codes to his illustrations of noted fashion icons. Not only will the codes add a certain mystique to the magazine; they will also serve to make the experience more dynamic for the reader.

Meets Obsession aims to bring a bititng edge to the world of publication. While the magazine is billed primarily as a fashion publication, its subjects range from entertainment to culture, offering a blend that is, at times, difficult to find amidst the sea of mainstream magazines. The magazine is, in fact, just one part of the growing media presence of Meets Obsession.

Along with the print magazine, Meets Obsession has an online publication, which offers a broader perspective on issues that are not covered in the print version. Meets Obsession also has its own podcast, called MOTV, where budding journalists interview intrepid hipsters in the fashion and film industries.

Lu’s work is featured in the first issue of the print magazine and can also be seen online. The QR codes in the illustrations link to Lu’s website where users can browse and download his works for their mobile device or desktops.

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