QR codes make their way into intricate art forms

QR codes - Jonathan Bréchignac - the carpet site screencap

A French artist has just worked the barcodes into an extremely involved blue and ultraviolet ink design.

An artist from France named Jonathan Bréchignac has created a fascinating artistic design using Bic pens (in blue) and Ultraviolet ink, and has worked QR codes into the mix in order to add an additional mobile element to his incredible piece.

This highly intricate design has taken a tremendous amount of effort and was all done by hand.

The complex design, which he entitled “Ultraviolet – The Blue Carpet” features four different QR codes, each located within the corners of the piece. This creation has debuted at the Villa Empain in Brussels. It opened there on September 27, 2013 and will remain there until February 9, 2014. There, it will be kept as a piece of “The Blue Route” exhibition for people to view.

QR codes - Jonathan Bréchignac - the carpet site screencapThe work features four QR codes, that each resolve to a different webpage.

When the QR codes are scanned, they send the smartphone or tablet user to a rather cryptic website. They all feature unique designs in pieces, including fragments of the carpet, but do not contain any writing, nor could any links be found to be accessed.

On these websites, there are also four QR codes in each of the corners, so that each of those pages will link to one another. Those barcodes are the only clickable elements of the sites, although the barcodes can also be scanned. No other navigation or explanation is provided.

The original piece, including its QR codes, is designed on paper and is approximately 2.5 feet by 4 feet. It took the artist eight months to complete. The piece is unlike anything else that has been created with the barcodes incorporated into its design, though it is becoming increasingly common for artists to use the barcodes either within their pieces, or in the displays for their art works so that viewers will be able to learn more about the piece, the creator, its relevance, and any associated organizations that have to do with its inspiration. These have been appearing both in indoor and outdoor exhibitions of various sorts.

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