QR codes make lost things found: from luggage to pets

Dynotag qr codes

On a growing basis, quick response codes are being used to ensure that property is returned to its owners.

Although QR codes are most frequently found in print marketing such as product labels, advertising posters, and magazine ads, Dynotag, a startup based in Seattle has now launched barcodes that can be generated by users, for free, and then linked to a personal web page, so that property can be returned if it goes missing.

The key to these unique quick response codes is that they can be scanned by someone who finds a lost object.

The users of the Dynotag QR codes can generate them and print them out so that they can be attached to items and belongings that run the risk of being lost. Among the most common uses for these barcodes is predicted to be luggage tags. If a bag is ever left behind in a taxi, or if it should be lost by an airline, then anyone who finds the luggage can use a smartphone and any free app to be able to scan the barcode and see a personal webpage that contains the owner’s contact information, as well as see any reward that is being offered for the safe return of that luggage or item.

It is also believed that many people will see the benefits of adding these QR codes to their pet tags.

Dynotag qr codesThe nature of these quick response code tags also makes it possible for them to be attached to the collar of a dog, cat, or other kind of pet. This could then links the scanner to a webpage that not only provides someone with the contact information of the pet owner, but it could also provide that person with the animal’s name, vaccines, medications, the food that they are eating, allergies, and even any favorite treats. This way, someone who finds a missing pet will be able to contact the owner, but will also be able to properly care for that animal until a safe return can be arranged.

One interesting feature that Dynotag will provide to the owner of the QRcode is that an email or text notification will be sent to that person whenever the tag is actually scanned. Moreover, it can also show the location of a scanner when the scan was made, assuming that the mobile device that was used has GPS capabilities that have been enabled.

Although the QR codes are free for anyone to create on the Dynotag website, premium tags are also available, which offer additional website storage space, the alert notifications, a security pin, API access, and a full list of every scan ever made – instead of only the last 1,000.

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