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QR codes make e-ticketing easier on Ukrainian Intercity+ trains

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Ukraine train ticket qr codesUkrzaliznytsia has announced the introduction of new mobile friendly electronic ticketing.

As of February 5, 2013, passengers on the Ukrzaliznytsia Intercity+ trains can now use QR codes on e-tickets to help to make their traveling experience much more convenient through the use of their smartphones.

This mobile barcode news was first reported to the media by the Donetsk railways press service.

According to this media release, passengers can now book their tickets online using their bank cards, and then print the digital copy of the ticket out on a piece of paper. They can then use that paper when they board the train, and it will be treated the same way as a traditional ticket. This printout will contain unique QR codes that will be readable by the train conductor.

The conductors use a mobile ticket control terminal to scan the QR codes to check the passenger’s travel information.

This allows the conductor to quickly and easily check tickets with a simple scan of QR codes, while reducing wait times at ticketing desks. Passengers can skip the lineups altogether by purchasing their passes at home and then heading directly to the trains.

The printouts contain not only the QR codes, but also the 20-bit ticket number and the passenger’s last name. It also includes data such as the departure date, direction, train number, car number, seat number and other applicable information. That way, it can be consulted both in digital and printed form.

Furthermore, tickets that have been unused can still take advantage of the return policy, provided that they are brought back to the ticket desk no later than one hour ahead of the train’s scheduled departure time from the first stop on its complete route.

The technology being used in combination with the QR codes for both generating and checking the electronic tickets is a sophisticated one that is designed for accuracy and to avoid the production of fraudulent passes.

According to the press service, the use of the electronic tickets and the QR codes is only for the high-speed Intercity+ trains and not the entire train system throughout the country. Tickets for children and for passengers who are not entitled to benefits can be registered and purchased online, as well. However, group orders and tickets for passengers who are entitled to benefits must still be purchased at the traditional ticket offices.

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