QR codes made with everyday objects could be a big hit with consumers

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QR Code Panasonic New Zealand

As QR codes continue to grow in popularity, people are finding new ways to make them. The codes have been made out of various materials in the past, such as chocolate and common household items. These handmade codes often take a great deal of effort, but they have their own brand of appeal to consumers. Conventional QR codes are nothing more than black and white blocky patterns, limiting the visual connection consumers can form. Codes made of familiar objects, such as electronics, have a great deal of character and can resemble objects that consumers are intensely familiar with. As such, companies building codes in this way may have a great opportunity right under their noses.

Panasonic New Zealand, a part of the Panasonic Corporation, the largest electronics producer in the world, has launched a new marketing campaign that uses QR codes to reach out to consumers. Unlike other companies that have used conventional codes for their campaigns, Panasonic New Zealand built its code out of products that are sold throughout their market. The code contains televisions, phones, gaming systems, cameras and computers. The company believes that the code appeals to consumers because it contains imagery they are familiar with.

When the code is scanned with a smart phone equipped with a barcode scanning application, consumers are taken to the Panasonic New Zealand YouTube channel, where they can find videos covering a variety of topics.

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