QR codes and location based technology hit festival celebrations in Lithuania

QR codes festival event

Quick response codes are about to become much sought after at this year’s Vilnius City Fiesta.

The Vilnius City Fiesta is a very popular annual festival in Lithuania, and this year’s celebrations will feature 250 different merchants that are participating in a program that will allow consumers to take advantage of discounts on their purchases when they use their smartphones to scan QR codes in order to make mobile payments.

A number of reports have revealed that quick response code payments will offer these discounts.

The company behind the mobile payments system based on QR codes that will be available at the festival, EVP International, has called this year’s event the very first “smart street fair.” Those in attendance will be able to use their smartphones to scan the barcodes so that they can pay for their various purchases from participating merchants, and benefit from a discount on their items at the same time.

The use of the QR codes is being combined with iBeacon location based technology, at the festival.

QR codes festival eventEVP International is bringing iBeacons and QRcodes together to ensure that as consumers browse the merchandise, they will be alerted with regards to the discounts that are available to them and so that they will know to use the barcodes for making mobile payments when they decide on what they would like to buy.


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In order to be able to use the technology and actually make a mobile payment, the consumers will first need to create a Paysera account. That will allow them to be able to receive the location based marketing messages and to complete a transaction with the payment card or pre-filled account funds that are already linked to the app.

Paysera will also be positioning special terminals throughout the festival so that consumers will be able to add more funds to their accounts while they are actually at the event. From that point, actually buying something is as simple as scanning QR codes and then completing the simple authentication and verification processes for security reasons. It is certain that many eyes will be focused on this event to watch for participation and both merchant and consumer response.

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