QR codes join the work force

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QR codes help with hiring

Though the economy is recovering, the number of people left unemployed in the wake of the recession remains high. Businesses are still cutting their costs in efforts to keep their heads above water and the job market is still barren and uninviting. In an effort to keep costs down but reach a wider audience, many employers are looking to take advantage of mobile technology.

QR codes have been used in marketing and promotional campaigns and not businesses are looking to implement the codes to engage job seekers.

Ernst & Young, a high-profile accounting firm, launches a campaign targeting colleagues for its entry level hiring program. The firm plastered college campuses with posters and tabletop displays featuring QR codes. Students scanning the code were linked to a mobile site and quizzed on how much they knew about the company. Those seeking jobs were also encouraged to sign up to be alerted for openings as well as filling out an online application.

Companies are using the technology to remove geographical limitations to their hiring process as well. Using the QR codes, people are able to set up interviews via the Internet, enabling them to still meet employers face-to-face even if they are on the other side of the country.

Using the 2d code is providing employers with a powerful opportunity to connect with a workforce displaced by economic hardship. It is also presenting them with the opportunity to find talent and skilled workers that they may not have been able to find on their own.

Companies taking advantage of QR codes are expected to launch hiring campaigns, much akin to marketing campaigns, that will provide material with the code for those seeking work.

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