QR codes on jewelry to share medical information

prescription qr codes medical

Now that these barcodes have become familiar enough that they could help in an emergency situation.

Although QR codes are most commonly found on product packages and advertising, they are now becoming so familiar that they could help to save a person’s life in an emergency situation.

The key would be to make sure that the barcode was actually present on the person.

It is precisely this concept that is behind the myID bracelet. This new form of medical identification bracelet includes not only an ID and a number that can be called as well as QR codes that can be scanned with a smartphone in order to call up the wearer’s medical history and important details.

prescription qr codes medicalThese bracelets could be worn in the same way as traditional medical ID jewelry.

The bracelets with the QR codes are currently being sold for $40. According to Josh Taylor from ENDEVR, “We have an online cloud-based profile. It’s more of a modern age medical ID evolved, so that you can put a lot of information about yourself.” He added that “I keep all my vitals, three emergency contacts and my insurance information, and if something changes, if my telephone number changes or my mom or dad moves, I can update their phone number really easily.”

That said, while the technology combines new and old techniques, including not only the QR codes, but the traditional phone number, as well, there have been some concerns voiced regarding the time that is needed in order to use it. Some are worried that EMTs could end up wasting precious moments trying to figure out how to use the bracelet and scan the barcode. Paramedics often need every second to be able to save a person’s life or help to make sure that they will not experience irreparable damage to their bodies following an incident.

That said, it should still be recognized that QR codes could help to provide information more quickly than a phone call, when used properly. As people scan these barcodes more often, it could soon be an activity that is completely second nature and – assuming there is good cell service – could save a considerable amount of time.

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