QR codes in sushi honor 10,000 MSC certified meals

sushi qr codes

sushi qr codesThe partnership that Moshi Moshi has held with the Marine Stewardship Council received a unique applause.

Moshi Moshi has just announced the new and unique way that it has chosen to celebrate the 10,000th dish that it has served with the certification of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), by creating a sushi design that includes QR codes.

This restaurant is the first one in the United Kingdom to use the conveyor belt bar design.

It has also had a long standing relationship with the MSC, which is a watch group for sustainable food. The sushi served at Moshi Moshi is certified by the MSC, and now that it has passed an important milestone with such a large number of certified plates having been served, it wanted to use QR codes as an interesting and unique way to draw attention to their accomplishment.

The challenge was to be able to work the QR codes into the design of the sushi dishes, themselves.

The reason that QR codes were chosen is that they are familiar to the diners, there, and it provided them with the opportunity to allow patrons to use their smartphones to scan the barcodes and learn more about what they represent. The trick was to be able to ensure that the chefs were creating plates that would accurately represent the barcodes, every time. After all, the point was to ensure that they could be scanned so that they were practical as well as interesting and not to simply represent the appearance with no real use.

It took many efforts to be able to create the QR codes to be used on the plates, as they attempted to apply everything from green tea powder to more unique and dark colored ingredients such as squid ink.

Consumers with smartphones and a scanner app could use their devices to scan the QR codes. From there, they were redirected to a webpage which provided more information about the partnership between Moshi Moshi and the MSC. Furthermore, it provided the opportunity for the diners to discover more about the source of the fish that they were eating.

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