QR codes in magazines up by 228% according to Nellymoser

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads
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QR Codes in Magazine Ads
A new study from Nellymoser, a company specializing in mobile computing, shows that QR codes are gaining popularity amongst magazine publishers. The codes have proven quite useful for print media, which has not fared well with consumers in the advent of technology. More people are using their smart devices to access digital content, crippling print as a form of media. Publishers have begun turning to QR codes and other mobile technologies to make magazines and newspapers more appealing to a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

According to Nellymoser, QR code use in the magazine business has risen by 228% over the past year. The study drew data from ten of the largest magazine publications in the U.S., including Allure, Us Weekly and Glamour. Many of these publications made use of codes designed by companies like JagTag and SpyderLynk. The study shows that most of the codes used by these publications were part of contests hosted by the publications themselves. These contests awarded readers with various prizes.

The print industry is still struggling to come to terms with technology. While more publishers seem to be making use of the codes, consumers are still deeply enthralled by the latest smart devices coming to the market from companies like Apple and Amazon. QR codes are a great place to start for publishers, of course, as they are easy to generate and cost effective.

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