QR codes in Germany make it easier to pay parking fines

mobile payments parking meters qr codes

The quick response codes help drivers to be able to pay their tickets quickly and easily.

In Lübeck, a new system of parking ticketing through the use of QR codes is making it possible for drivers to be able to simply scan a barcode with their smartphones and pay for their tickets directly out of their bank accounts.

At the moment, the system is working for only certain bank customers, but the intention is to expand.

The Lübeck police are now armed with ticketing devices that print unique QR codes so that parking offenders can scan the barcodes that have been tucked under their windshield wipers, making payments quick and convenient. Though the system previously required them to use a computer to make a payment for a parking ticket, the quick response codes send the user directly to the website to pay their specific ticket, without having to type a URL or ID number using the mobile device. The barcode ensures that the information has already been entered.

By using QR codes, it has provided a cost effective way to minimize the amount of typing required on a touchscreen keyboard.

mobile payments parking meters qr codesAt the moment, there are only three banks that are compatible with the QRcodes on the tickets. Those are Volksbank, BW-Bank, and Apps Sparkasse. While the quick response codes can still be scanned by consumers who bank with other institutions, they won’t be able to make the necessary payments from their banks, just yet.

Drivers who use other banks need to enter the information manually at the city’s official website portal. Those who do not subscribe to online banking need to use the telephone or pay in person.

The idea is to make the process much faster and more time and cost efficient for both the parking officers as well as for the drivers, themselves. The system is easier for printing out and paying, but it has also been programmed to allow an officer to see whether or not a driver has already previously received a ticket for the same infraction.

Officers like the QR codes and interconnected mobile service because it lets them see whether or not a car has already received a ticket for parking in that location, on that day. That way, it stops them from doubling up on work that has already been completed by one of their co-workers.

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