QR codes implemented for faster online billing

QR codes mobile billing

QR codes mobile billingBilltrust has sped up the adoption of the mobile technique through the use of integrated barcodes.

Billtrust, a company based in Hamilton, New Jersey, has just announced that its biller statements will be including QR codes as a new service for its customers so that bills can be paid more quickly and conveniently.

The service permits businesses and consumers to pay their bills using a single scanning step.

The QR codes are very easy to use as they can be scanned using any smartphone with a reader app. They are the latest addition to the entire suite of various payments services that are being offered by Billtrust. This gives the company the capability to add a barcode to any billing document that is headed outbound.

The recipient simply needs to scan the QR codes in order to be taken directly to the online payment page.

The scan of the QR codes takes the user to a mobile optimized webpage that is designed specifically for instantly making an online payment. All of the relevant information for the user will already have been completed. The user will not need to fill in the data associated with the bill.

These QR codes can also be used for other reasons, for example, directing a user to an online billing site where it is easy to initiate enrollment for the process in the first place. According to the CEO and president of the company, Flint Lane, “It’s no secret that the mobile Web is expanding rapidly.”

Lane also went on to explain that “QR Codes help billers reach their consumers who are interacting with them via smartphones and tablets. For end customers, payment via QR code is perhaps the fastest, easiest way yet to securely and accurately make payments from anywhere — at home, at work or when traveling.”

In order to encourage billers to actually use the QR codes, Billtrust is offering the service free of charge to their customers who are already enrolled in the company’s bitConnect for eBanking service. That service is designed to allow billers to provide faster and simpler bill delivery through online bill payments at the customer’s bank.

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