QR codes at historical parks get the nod from Thai Culture Minister

Scanning QR codes

The trial period for the quick response codes went very well and Veera Rojanarat has given positive feedback.

Thailand’s Culture Minister Veera Rojanarat, has said that the trial for using QR codes in order to enhance the experience of tourists at three of the country’s historical parks is considered to be a success, to the point that this program will now be expanded to include other historical parks that are located throughout the country.

The announcement followed the receipt of comments on the program that were made by other officials.

The feedback from the other officials only encouraged the Culture Minister to take the QR codes and incorporate them into a wider portion of the Cultural Cities for Tourism program. These barcodes are becoming increasingly popular in tourism, as countries, cities, and attractions, as a cost effective way to improve the experience available to their visitors, who are – more often than not – smartphone owners.

The QR codes are very easy to scan and provide tourists information in any of five different languages.

Scanning QR codesThe quick response codes are currently available at Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Sukhothai Historical Park, and Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park. There are about fifty barcodes located throughout the parks, each of which has been openly displayed so that information can be obtained by smartphone users in English, French, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese.

According to the Minister, the QRcode service is going to be introduced into other historical parks for the purpose of building the experience that is available to visitors. The hope is that this effort will allow these historical parks to set the standard for culture-based attractions in Thailand and ASEAN, throughout the country.

This suggests that there may be intentions to broaden the program using QR codes even further at some point in the future, in other cultural tourist attractions throughout Thailand. Such an undertaking is one that may one day become the standard within the tourism industry as locations around the world adopt these barcodes to affordably provide visitors with a wider range of information in several different languages, without having to rely exclusively on print materials.

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