QR codes help tourists in New York to appreciate local history

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A newly created walking tour in Ogdensburg provides a wealth of information about historical sites.

The city of Ogdensburg has joined a growing number of other locations that are using QR codes in a way that will help tourists to be able to get more out of what they have to offer and to learn more about the various historical sites than could ever be provided through physical signage.

The use of the quick response codes is a complement to the new mobile app that has been released.

The apps and the QR codes are meant to provide visitors to Ogdensburg a new view of the city that has never otherwise been available. The “Strolling Down State Street” experience has been designed as a self-guided walking tour that includes thirteen signs along the way. Each of those signs displays a quick response code. Walkers who are using the app with their smartphones in order to experience the walking tour can scan those barcodes.

When the QR codes are scanned with the mobile app, additional information and media is displayed.

qr codes trendsThe barcodes allow the visitor to be able to see old photos of the various historic sites along the way, as well as view videos that provide them with more information about the relevance of the historic site and what actually happened there.

According to Ogdensburg historian, Julie Madlin, by using mobile technology in combination with this walking tour, it will help to keep the history of the city relevant to people regardless of their age. Madlin explained that “I wanted the signs to really educate people about what history is here in Ogdensburg because many people don’t realize what a rich history we really have. And this was really a great way to use technology and really do it in a fun way.”

The signs with the QR codes will remain in place until the winter, at which time they will be taken down. That said, they will be replaced again in the spring, when the walking tour season begins again. Madlin expects that the tourism season of 2016 will also bring with it a number of additional signs that will allow visitors to discover even more than they did during a 2015 visit.

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