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Repeat mobile commerce purchases are more likely with barcodes as encouragement.

Merchants taking part in mobile commerce are always seeking sales, but it is the repeat customer that is the primary goal, and QR codes are proving effective in generating them.

These simple two dimensional barcodes appear to convince customers to make additional orders.

When a quick response barcode application is present on an individual’s smartphone, he or she has a greater likelihood of using quick response codes to make purchases. If the process is direct and simple, then the odds of additional purchases increase.

QRwave is among the companies that have successfully used QR codes for repeat shopping.

That company, according to Dr. Alex Heiphetz, the owner of a company that developped the QRwave app for QR code mobile commerce, the barcodes bring shopping over a smartphone “to the next level”. Instead of needing to be at a checkout counter in order to make a purchase, the user simply needs to scan the code with the device and enter the desired quantity.

To give an example of how it is done, Dr. Heiphetz said “Let’s say I need to submit an order for a box of bolts. I have all the bolts in front of me, I take my phone from my pocket, I scan the QR code that was imprinted on the box, I enter how many boxes I need and that’s it. The order is submitted. Everything is done.”

Similarly, some apps – including QRwave – now include a feature that allows recurring orders to become much simpler. When an individual notices that he or she is running low on a product that is regularly needed, the typical behavior is to make a mental note or write it on a shopping list so that it can be picked up later. But with QR codes, the product simply needs to have its barcode scanned, and the product will be ordered right away, with no risk of forgetting it.

This process of ordering with QR codes is not only helpful for the individual consumer, but also with companies that make larger orders. In this situation, the process is significantly simplified, as there is no need for entering an endless list product codes and trying to remember specific details about sizes, colors, etc. Instead, when the code is scanned, all of that information is entered automatically.

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