QR codes help people remember victims of the Nanjing Massacre

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Visitors to an artificial memorial can now scan quick response codes to commemorate those who were lost.

The fake memorial gravestones that represent the victims of southwest China’s Nanjing Massacre and of the bombing of Chongqing on March 31 now prominently feature QR codes to allow visitors to scan and remember those who died in the catastrophes.

The quick response codes were added by the Chongqing Foreign Street staff as a part of the memorial.

The point of the fake gravestones that now display QR codes is to give people a place where they will be able to pay their respects to the victims of those disasters from last week. By scanning the barcodes, visitors to the site are automatically directed to an online platform which provides them with some information as well as a range of different types of service that allow them to express their sympathies over those who were lost.

The QR codes allow for services like offering incense, lighting candles, or even presenting flowers.

qr codes trendsAccording to the head of the staff that implemented the QRcodes in a report by Chinanews, the intention is to give the public a more civilized, peaceful, organized way to be able to pay their respects to those who were victims of these disasters.

It can be difficult for many people to find an appropriate way to express the way that they feel following catastrophes such as the ones that occurred in the area at the end of last month. By providing a place for the public to gather and use mobile devices that they have readily available, then they can take part in a communal memorial effort without having to try to come up with their own ways to say what they feel and express their grief.

This can be a very positive and peaceful form of expression and it is one that the staff felt was very important in this particular case. The QR codes are available to anyone who visits the fake gravesite and they can be scanned using any free barcode reader app that the user happens to have on his or her device. Many of those applications are available for free.

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