QR codes help mobile marketers to achieve a highly desirable goal

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

Feeding instant gratification is a need for any marketing strategy, and barcodes suit that perfectly.

If there’s one thing that mobile marketers know about consumers, it’s that instant gratification is always a win, and it is now being discovered that QR codes are helping to meet that need.

These barcodes come with a promise that something appealing will occur right away.

This is the concept of instant gratification and it is one of the most effective forms of mobile marketing that can be achieved. It can be extremely useful when attempting to sell a product or service. What is now being realized is that, when used correctly, the very nature of QR codes can provide this precise outcome.

QR codes can help brands and marketers to achieve this experience that consumers take for granted.

Online shoppers are used to being able to find what they want and instantly download it, use a coupon discount code, or pre-order an item that is not yet available for sale. This type of experience is much more difficult to achieve in the offline world. That said, consumers are still always expecting it from their shopping experience.

The unique ability of QR codes to bridge the gap between the offline and online world can help to make it much easier to achieve this experience in store. For example, the most common offline method of distributing coupons to consumers is to mail them out in printed form. This requires the consumer to clip them and bring them later on when they happen to be in the shop.

On the other hand, if the consumer is already in the store and all that he or she needs to do is scan QR codes to take advantage of discount offers for an item that they would like to purchase, this brings an immediate result, driving the sale, instead of giving the consumer the opportunity to forget about it because the hype isn’t there.

In essence, QR codes help companies to overcome the barrier that is created from having to wait in the offline world. Scanning these barcodes lets the shopper take advantage of an offer right away, with no waiting required.

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