QR codes help home cooks prepare gourmet fresh pasta

Jilly's fresh pasta QR code

Fine foods specialty company, Jilly’s Pasta, uses quick response codes to make sure every dinner is perfect.

With the growing popularity of QR codes and the increasing familiarity of these barcodes among consumers, a fresh pasta company has now implemented this smartphone friendly technology to help to make sure that all of their products are being prepared to perfection.

The handmade pasta business has taken the step to add a quick response code to their official website.

The purpose of the QR codes is to provide customers with detailed instructions regarding the proper preparation of the handmade filled fresh pasta and noodles that will help to make sure that the products will be cooked to perfection. As fresh noodles need to be prepared in a different manner than dry, Jilly’s Pasta & Fine Foods has decided to use mobile technology to help to avoid common mistakes among home cooks who are inexperienced with this type of gourmet product.

Scans of these QR codes help customers to bring the instructions from their computer screens to their kitchens

Jilly's fresh pasta QR codeThe QRcode implemented by the Barrie, Ontario, Canada based company was generated by Visualead. This barcode generator was selected for the ease of use as well as the visually appealing element of being able to customize the quick response code by combining it with an image. In the case of Jilly’s Pasta, the black and white pixilated square was worked into the image of a fork with fresh pasta twirled around its tines.

Should the barcode prove to be effective and popular among the company’s patrons, the uses for this technology could be expanded at Jilly’s Pasta. Other possibilities are being considered, and the options are nearly limitless.

QR codes were selected as a mobile marketing element of the website because they are free and easy to use for consumers, and because they are extremely cost effective. As a small business, budgets for implementing mobile elements are tight, and the current state of the recovering economy means that every penny counts. This has encouraged small and medium sized business owners to look to methods such as this one to be able to enhance their customer experience, spread awareness of their brand, and improve consumer loyalty.

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