QR codes help consumers recycle more efficiently

QR Codes help encourage recycling

A simple scan of a quick response codes can provide people with all of the local information they need.

A program called Recycle Now is using QR codes to help to be able to connect with consumers and provide them with the information that they need in order to be able to take part in local programs with greater ease and efficiency.

Scanning the barcodes also makes it possible to better interact with a brand at the same time.

The QR codes are displayed on the packaging of a wide range of participating products. When scanned, consumers obtain an overview of the product, including its photo, name, and a description. Beneath that, they are provided with a link to “Recycle Now”. When that has been accessed, the app requests the zip code or location of the user. This makes it possible for that user to obtain information that is specific to his or her location.

This program using QR codes is meant to help consumers to find local area programs that accept those materials.

QR Codes help encourage recyclingTherefore, when the mobile app has received the user’s location, all of the local area programs that accept the materials that make up that specific product are identified. The application then narrows down the results even further so that the user can receive the nearest three results for each of the materials that they wish to recycle. Each of those results is equipped with a link that directs to the page that has the listing details, including a map, making it easier for the user to actually find that location so that they can contact them or visit.

The Recycle Now app is quite large as it uses data from the largest and most accurate recycling directory in the country. This makes it quite unique and, at the time that this article was written, there was nothing else quite like it available to consumers. In total, it hosts about 1.6 million different ways to be able to recycle any of about 350 different types of material.

The hope is that by using barcodes such as QR codes and UPC, it will make it possible for people in the United States to be able to recycle quickly and easily and to avoid the confusion that is associated with certain other methods of informing themselves.

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