QR codes help bus riders in Antwerp

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The quick response codes are being used in the city in order to provide real time information to riders.

In the public transportation world, QR codes and other mobile technology tools are becoming increasingly popular as a growing percentage of riders now own smartphones, and as the transport systems discover the value and cost effectiveness of these resources.

In that light, Antwerp bus stops are now receiving their own quick response codes for riders to scan.

De Lijn, the Flemish public transport provider, now has intentions to add QR codes to each of the approximately 6,000 bus stops that are located within the Antwerp province of Belgium. These barcodes can then be scanned by customers who are waiting at the bus stops so that they will be able to obtain real time information about the bus schedule and when the next vehicle is on its way to that specific stop.

These QR codes can be scanned by virtually any smartphone using a free barcode reader app.

teen mobile texting train bus qr codesThe person waiting at the stop can then check as often as needed to find out information about the next trains or busses that will be arriving at the stop. The full rollout of this service based on the QRcode follows the successful completion of a trial project that was launched by De Lijn, in which it had previously been available at only 350 of the stops.

Following the expansion of the service in Antwerp, De Lijn has indicated that it will be moving on to other regions, as well. In fact, it has already identified the next place that is likely to receive the quick response codes for public transportation users, which is throughout the entire Flanders area.

Beyond QR codes, many public transportation systems around the world are now taking advantage of the common nature of smartphones and other mobile devices in order to use them for informing consumers, for mobile payments, and even as a form of digital ticketing. This is helping them to be able to increase the cashless nature of their service as well as to allow consumers to take advantage of their favorite devices in more parts of their daily lives.

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