QR codes have now become an important part of the Kik chat app

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The mobile application has brought the quick response codes into the mix to bring brands and users together.

Kik, the mobile messaging app, has recently added QR codes to its features as a part of an investment from Tencent, as it aims to replicate some of the successes that WeChat has achieved through a similar strategy.

The quick response codes have been used in order to simplify a range of different interactions with the app.

The decision to look into the use of QR codes in a manner that is similar to that used by WeChat was made by Ted Livingston, the CEO and co-founder of Kik. WeChat currently allows its users to complete a range of different types of interaction through the use of these barcodes, including small purchases like buying a beverage or having a photo printed. While that level of engagement is the future plan for the Kik app, at the moment, it remains at the ground level with its “Kik Codes”.

Right now the QR codes scanned through Kik can make it easy for two users to connect with each other.

qr codes appThe QRcode scans can also help to quickly and easily add more people to a group chat. However, Kik feels that the most power for the use of the quick response codes comes from bringing a mobile app user together with a brand on its service.

The Kik head of messenger, Mike Roberts, has explained that the barcode feature was primarily integrated into the app in order to make it easier for the 240 million users to be able to connect. However, he also pointed out that there is an obvious advantage for marketers as it makes it very simple for people to be able to connect with various brands over the messenger service and to take advantage of offers being made in various promotions.

Last year was the first time that Kik brought promoted chats into its mix and gave big brands such as Burger king the opportunity to officially add its presence to the service. Now, according to Kik, there have been over 16 million users that have chatted with the branded chats. More than half a billion messages have been exchanged in that capacity. The company feels that the QR codes are a tidy fit into that overall concept.

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