QR codes guide visitors along the Birchanger Wood trail in Stortford

nature trail tree qr code plaques

The ancient woodland in the United Kingdom now features quick response codes at 33 points.

The coppiced Birchanger Wood in Stortford in the United Kingdom is now the new home of a program that has been launched that will use QR codes along its trail in order to provide visitors with more information about the location along the way.

The quick response codes can be scanned by smartphones using virtually any free reader app.

People who choose to scan the QR codes that they see will be able to learn more about the wood through which they are hiking. There are thirty three different points that feature the barcodes, which will each connect with a web page that provides a description of what a visitor can see from that specific point in the trail. This allows people to be able to gain more out of what they are seeing from the various spots.

The QR codes are meant to be useful and informative and to add to the experience of the trails.

nature trail tree qr codesThe project regarding the creation and implementation of the QRcode linked spots and the signage along the trail was led by Alastair Cook, a volunteer who was helped by Pat Forrest, the warden, and his team of assistants. This allowed all of the installations to be made throughout the wood.

The Stort Valley Rotary Club sponsored the project. That group was led by Derek Crowther, who was responsible for the organization of a survey that raised some of the funds required, while also gaining a Rotary Foundation grant for the rest of the funds.

The official launch of the new mobile device friendly trail was made by the mayor of Stortford, Diane Hollebon, on its opening day. The Birchanger Wood Trust and Rotary club members supported the event. There, visitors were welcomed to enjoy woodland tea and “bacon butties” before they would head out along the trails where they could use their smartphones to learn more about where they were.

The QR codes were scanned by those taking the trails on their own as well as those making their way through guided tours. The event also featured competitions for the children who were in attendance and woodcraft demonstrations.

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