QR codes give high tech flair to student scavenger hunt

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes

Quick response codes have been posted all over Seward High school in Nebraska.

Students at Seward High school in Nebraska came together to create a scavenger hunt using QR codes for a college week event that ran from October 12 through October 15.

The purpose of the quick response codes was to use technology in the simplest possible way.

Three senior students at the school, Ben Galusha, Bryson Schluckebier and William Brown worked on the scavenger hunt based on QR codes after they were approached by Noelle Baker – a counselor at the school – with regards to bringing the idea to life. The students agreed and selected 12 Nebraska colleges in order to create the questions that would make up the scavenger hunt. According to Brown, “We got our hands dirty with a bunch of knowledge.”

Galusha looked into websites that would produce the QR codes and proceeded to link them to a Google form.

QR codes school library smartphone barcodes“We decided to go as simple as possible,” said Galusha. In order to take part in the scavenger hunt, students simply needed to sign in by way of their email addresses. From there, the form identified them and kept track of the answers that they submitted to the various questions that made up the scavenger hunt. That answer data was then entered into a spreadsheet.

Schluckebier explained that the questions were designed to be easy and each one focused on subjects such as enrollment and the founding dates of the various colleges. The goal was to encourage students to become more familiar with the institutions and the enrollment processes as a whole.

Brown stated that each of the questions in the scavenger hunt were linked to one of the high school’s teachers who had actually attended the college that was the subject of the given question. Riddles were placed next to each of the QR codes in order to offer clues to participants as to the location of the next question on the scavenger hunt. Among the first to try the hunt was senior Kaylee O’Dell, who was also the first to complete it. “I thought it was awesome,” she said.

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