QR codes get a boost from Boxtcode’s added touch

QR Code service

Four digits may make all the difference to where the barcodes have been lacking.

Boxtcode, an Australian startup that has only just been launched, has opened with a bang, as it intends to change the world of QR codes by solving the issues relating to their limitations through its new location based mobile marketing tool.

This new solution is designed to take away the struggles associated with these barcodes.

The principle behind the new tool is quite simple. What Boxtcode is proposing through its use is the link between the QR codes that marketers use, and a four digit number. These four digits will be connected to promotions that are used on any media platform for bringing consumers to offers, coupons, and mobile optimized websites.

In this way, it will be expanding the use of QR codes and eliminating the hurdles they involve.

According to the Boxtcode managing director, Dean Hindman, “Boxtcode’s location-based technology is what has really been exciting the brands who have already seen Boxtcode.” He pointed out that consumers on the Gold Coast will be able to enter the exact same number as those in Adelaide, after having seen the digits on a national promotion or in an advertisement. However, once they arrive at the mcommerce site, coupon, or other mobile destination, they will receive only the content that has the greatest geographical relevance to them.

This way, the promotions can be highly locally targeted, even when they are elements of a campaign that is occurring across an entire country.

Boxtcode has also made certain that their QR codes and other techniques can be shared among consumers. They have not forgotten the importance of social media and word of mouth for improving the results of virtually any campaign.

Hindman explained that overall, the Boxtcode tool will help to enhance the experience with QR codes. Though it will still be possible to scan them, when the consumer doesn’t have the time to stand there and scan the barcodes, or when they are placed in a location – such as on a bus ad – where it may not always be convenient to perform the scan, simply entering the four digits into Boxtcode will provide the same results. Moreover, if the four digits are ever forgotten or missed by the consumer, Boxtcode can find them again.

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