QR codes from IMI provide immediate information to consumers

QR Code Analytics

QR Code Analytics

The barcodes displayed on ads offer faster, direct access to product info.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (IMI) has unveiled its new product advertisements featuring QR codes that allow smartphone using consumers to rapidly obtain additional information about the company’s products by way of its website.

The quick response barcodes are compatible with any smartphone or tablet device.

By scanning the QR codes in the IMI ads, consumers are automatically directed to the relevant product page on the company website. It eliminates the need for the individual to have to type the full URL into the browser, which can be time consuming and awkward on many mobile devices.

Instead, the QR codes make information access fast, simple, and convenient.

The IMI QR codes can also be stored within the mobile device so that their related links can be accessed later on, or shared with other people.

IMI general manager, Dennis O’Leary, said that “With the increase in SmartPhone usage, we realized that this was another way to make it easier for our customers to quickly get the detailed information they need in order to make an informed purchasing decision.”

The QR codes are among several different efforts that are being made by the company to appeal directly to the consumer and encourage greater engagement. They have been included on most of the ads by the company, and are all designed to bring the customer directly to the website where additional information about the products are available. This content is available in several forms, including text, video, images, technical specs, and others.

IMI believes that the quick response codes suit its mobile marketing strategy very well, as it is already well known for providing cutting edge solutions. It was first established in 1961 and has since become a leader in the industry for providing innovative permanent electromagnetic and magnetic solutions that meet the precise requirements of applications for many different industries. These include appliance, automotive, food processing, metalworking, aggregate, packaging, recycling, mining, and many others.

The QR codes are meant to provide information to customers from any of those industries so that they can make better informed decisions based on what IMI has to offer.

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