QR codes, free Wi-Fi, and price matching part of Target’s holiday mix

Target mobile commerce

Target mobile marketing with QR codes  for holiday season

The Christmas shopping season has a number of aggressive mcommerce elements.

Now that Best Buy has set the bar for price matching over mcommerce, Target has followed this successful lead over the holiday season by adding QR codes and price matching with competitors such as Amazon, while free Wi-Fi to give shoppers the ability to inform themselves and perform their comparisons.

Other stores that are included among the prime competition are Toys R Us and Walmart.

The QR code promotions Target has implemented are meant to help to draw online shoppers who typically head to brick and mortar stores to use them as showrooms before they make their purchases over the internet for the lowest price.

Target has used QR codes in the same way that Best Buy is working to compete with Amazon.

This involves an aggressive mcommerce price matching campaign that allows people to use their mobile devices to find the best prices, and yet still make their purchases from Target, which will make the equivalent offer. This promotion will run from November 1 through December 24, and will allow mobile devices to be used to check Amazon’s prices using free Wi-Fi to ensure that the best prices are always found inside the store.

Target has also broadened its policy so that its own standard and mcommerce websites are included. The hope is that this competitive pricing will help to draw more online shoppers into the stores, but that they will at least make their final purchases at the Target website if they insist on shopping online.

In terms of the hottest items for the season, Target will also be rolling out a full line of QR codes that will help smartphone carrying customers to make sure that they will always be able to purchase those products. Regardless of whether or not it is in stock within the store, the barcodes can be scanned so that the items can be shipped for free to any location in the United States.

The free Wi-Fi in all of the stores makes it possible for smartphone users to take advantage of what the QR codes and price comparisons have to offer without using their own data plans.

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