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QR Code Statistics

QR Code Statistics

Mobile marketing platform, BestBuzz, uses dynamic QR codes in order to provide consumers with various types of rewards while generating hype about different brands using social media, making it a very successful choice for local businesses who used these promotions for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s Day campaigns ran from January 30, right through to the end of February 14, and were designed to have consumers use their mobile devices and the BestBuzz mobile app to scan a special heart-shaped QR code. Scanning the “buzz code” gave the mobile user the chance to win one of many romantic prizes being offered by participating local businesses.

The types of prizes being offered included arrangements of flowers, a romantic dinner for two with a two night stay at a hotel, museum passes, complimentary massages, gift certificates to restaurants, movie passes, tickets to upcoming theatre shows, bakery treats, and hair salon gift certificates.

This campaign was designed to use a number of different marketing channels, such as social media posts that were made every day on Twitter and Facebook, postcard marketing, editorial blog features, and email blasts that targeted consumers living in the area included in the promotion.

Throughout the length of the two weeks of the campaign, there was significant hype generated by BestBuzz regarding the promotions being offered by the various participating businesses, as well as the special offers that would remain in place for the rest of the month. Those businesses received a much larger amount of exposure through the BestBuzz platform, as well as all of the custom mobile-optimized landing pages that were created for the prizes.

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