QR codes featured by San Diego health club

QR codes gym sports

QR codes gym sportsThe fitness industry in the city has now had its introduction to the technology for smartphone users.

The Sporting Club, a health club in San Diego, has just integrated technology using QR codes into its location by creating instructional videos to help to enhance the experience of smartphone carrying members.

This is not the first time that the barcodes have been applied to the industry as a whole.

Other organizations, from gyms to school fitness programs, have already successfully used QR codes to quickly link smartphone users to videos that provide instructions for personal workouts. This new example has brought the technology right into a health club to extend the benefits that they can provide.

QR codes have a great deal of potential for use in areas such as personal fitness.

According to Kris Machain, the Sporting Club’s fitness manager, the concept of using QR codes in this way within the fitness industry came from having witness the heavy use of smartphones during the personal workouts of the members. He said that he decided to brainstorm for a way to leverage the potential of smartphones in order to enhance the experience of the members.

The primary challenge that Machain felt that the QR codes could overcome was that there were brand new machines in the club that were often ignored by members. As these machines were very expensive and had the potential to be quite beneficial to many of the members who were ignoring them, Machain wondered if smartphones could be the key to teaching those individuals how to use the machines.

Finally, Machain came up with the idea of using QR codes linked to instructional videos to allow the members to use their own smartphones to discover exactly how to properly use each of the fitness machines in the club. This would not only encourage them to use the ones that they did not previously understand, but it could also potentially help them to avoid injury and improve results by learning more about the machines they were previously using.

The QR codes have now been posted on every machine in the club so that the instructions for each one are available to members and they will be equipped with better information for reaching their fitness goals.

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