QR codes encourage more recycling

QR Codes help encourage recycling

QR Codes help encourage recycling

The Whangarei District Council in New Zealand is using mobile and prizes to boost their programs.

A new promotion from the Whangarei District Council in New Zealand is taking a mobile friendly approach to promoting the use of its recycling program by using QR codes to give people the chance to win prizes when they recycle properly.

The six week program will run until December 3, to draw attention to the new permanent bins.

The permanent recycling bins will be located on the city streets, as well as one at Tutukaka on the foreshore. They will each feature QR codes that can be scanned by smartphone using recyclers, so that they can enter into draws that win points that will earn different types of prizes.

The QR codes recycling campaign is joining the “It’s a Karma thing” campaign by Love NZ.

The council has joined forces with the Love NZ campaign program called “It’s a Karma thing”, which allows QR codes and GPS technology to be used for scanning bin codes in order to earn larger numbers of “Karma Kredits.”

This means that people who have mobile devices and a free scanning app for QR codes will be able to scan the barcodes located on the bins so that they can earn points. The points can then be used for making bids on auctions on the official campaign website. There will be a wide range of different products available at the auctions, including everything from shopping gift cards, televisions, and smartphones.

This is a brand new form of campaign for the council, that has already been tinkering with Facebook and Twitter, but that has never before used QR codes. Their hope is that it will bring appeal to an entirely new demographic. So far, there are 14 Love NZ recycle bins featuring the black and white scannable squares in Whangarei.

The bins are being used properly on an increasing basis, with a lower number of non-recyclable items being tossed into the bins. Additional bins are also being added to the recently revamped parking lot at the corner of Robert St. and John St.

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