QR codes could be a boon for recruiters in the age of technology

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QR codes are beginning to diverge from their tried and true place in the marketing world. While many companies are beginning to take notice of how well the codes perform in a marketing capacity, they are also realizing how useful the codes can be for recruiting purposes. Earlier this year, British secret service agency MI5 used QR codes to look for new talent. Their effort seems to have inspired others in the world of business to do the same.

As technology begins to play a more prominent role in society, recruiters have had to adapt to the changing times. More consumers are getting their hands on smart phones, which make them more accepting of mobile technology as a whole. While still obscure for many consumers, QR codes have become quite familiar to job seekers and recruiters alike.

QR codes are both affordable and easy to use. The codes can be posted on any surface or printed along with a resume or business card. For recruiters, the codes open up an immediate path to potential hires, allowing for dynamic engagement and. MI5 used the codes to find talented hackers by sending them to a mobile website that housed a virtual puzzle. Recruiters can mimic this by creating specialized content for a particular group they are looking to hire from.

While paper applications may be a thing of the past, QR codes may help keep the physical aspects of job hunting and recruiting alive and well for some time.

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