QR codes are central to the latest Taylor Farms and Green Giant nationwide

Jolly Green Giant QR Codes

The massive produce brand is using quick response codes to place a greater focus on its fresh cut veggies.

The leading company in produce, Taylor Farms Retail, and the easily recognizable Green Giant brand have now launched a national summertime promotion that uses QR codes to help consumers to gain better awareness of the value added fresh cut vegetables available.

The promotions will use quick responses to allow consumers to enter into a summer sweepstakes.

The promotion will give people the ability to use their smartphones or tablets to scan QR codes so that they can take part in a sweepstakes that will be run all summer long. It will also include a discount coupon that will allow shoppers to save $0.55 when they purchase select Green Giant Fresh cut vegetables.

The QR codes will be located on displays that will be added to seven grocery store chains across the country.

Jolly Green Giant QR CodesCustomers shopping in their favorite supermarket chains will be able to view the displays and scan the QRcode in order to be able to instantly take part in the sweepstakes by way of their smartphones . Social media marketing will also play a role in this campaign as posts will be made to encourage veggie lovers to participate in the sweepstakes by way of their PCs.


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There will also be an email advertising campaign targeting Box Top Moms that will encourage families to provide support to their local schools through the purchase of products that offer the coupons through the Box Tops for Education program, as well as through entering the sweepstakes program by way of scanning the quick response codes.

The contest is called the Green Giant™ Fresh National Sweepstakes. The winner of the grand prize will also be the recipient of a gift card for $250 to the local participating supermarket. There will also be a first prize winner who will be the recipient of a Weber Grill Q1000. This contest was rolled out on July 17, but will continue right through to August 16. Those who have won as a result of scanning the QR codes will be notified by August 15.

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