QR codes are the center of children’s charity donations

QR codes charity nonprofit donation

These quick response codes are being utilized to generate money for Sparks by Checkprint and Barclays.

Checkprint and Barclays are now using QR codes in a new effort to help to encourage donations made over smartphones in order to support the Sparks charity for children’s medical research.

The quick response codes allow users to simply scan and enter the donation amount that they would like to give.

Part of the TALL group of companies, Checkprint is currently the leader in the United Kingdom in the area of secure paper and payment solutions. It has generated and implemented two uniquely customized QR codes for the Sparks charity with the goal of saving that organization a meaningful amount of time and expense.

Sparks had been hoping to be able to work QR codes into its welcome letters for an upcoming campaign.

QR codes charity nonprofit donationThe 2014 Bake for Bumps campaign will now be able to use the QRcode scans as a payment option throughout its fundraisers. This will be made possible with the Barclays Pingit smartphone app, which has a scanner for the quick response codes built in as one of its functions.

According to the Barclays head of mobile solutions specialists, Milon Veasey, “People today are looking for quick, easy and convenient payment options which is driving the demand for mobile payment solutions and charities like Sparks are fully recognizing this.” He added that the Barclays Pingit app offers a secure and simple method through which those generous and vital charitable donations can be made at any time, no matter where the individual may be.

Checkprint, which has already offered individually numbered and secure credit slips to Sparks for previous campaigns was able to securely generate and implement the barcodes for this fundraising program. Each of the black and white square QR codes has its own unique reference to the individual fundraiser that is being held. Through the incorporation of this additional customization, it will be easy for Sparks to be able to know which specific fundraiser has brought in the funds without having to undergo lengthy and labor intensive manual data entry for reconciliation.

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