QR codes can help with prescription labels

prescription qr codes medical

A company called ScriptPro has made it possible to print the barcodes directly onto the labels.

ScriptPro a company that develops state of the art systems for pharmacies, has now made it possible for QR codes to be printed onto a pharmacy’s prescription label to make it easier for patients to be able to manage their refills, obtain information, and communicate with the pharmacy.

The use of these barcodes aligns well with the effort that pharmacies are making to boost customer loyalty.

As the competition among pharmacies – online and offline – becomes more fierce, it is integral to these businesses to make efforts to boost loyalty among their customers. Using techniques such as QR codes on labels can make all the difference for improving the customer experience and, therefore, making it more natural for a patient to continue to return to that pharmacy instead of going to the effort to seek out another one.

prescription qr codesPrintable QR codes provide an extremely reliable, affordable, and efficient way to pursue that goal.

The ScriptPro system’s QR codes are printed directly onto the label that is affixed to the bottle or package for the medication, instead of adding it to the paperwork that accompanies the product. That way, the barcode is always available to the customer because he or she is far more likely to lose, mislay, or recycle the paperwork than to have the prescription bottle go missing.

All that the customer needs in order to take advantage of the QR codes is a tablet or a smartphone with a camera feature, as well as a free reader app. This way, the barcode can be scanned and communication can occur between the pharmacy and the patient.

Each of the QR codes is specific to its prescription label, which means that the user won’t need to enter as much information in order to obtain information or refill a prescription. The process is automatically initiated upon scanning. This makes it far easier for patients to fill prescriptions when they are not at home, review the information about their medications, set up reminder alerts ahead of when a refill should be requested or when one is ready to be picked up, and even to obtain weekly coupons or sale information.

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