QR codes can be read with a properly adjusted camera app

QR Codes check in

A new tweak is being shared online to help to convert the application on iOS devices into scanners.

A new Cydia tweak that has been called “QR Mode” is giving iOS mobile device users the opportunity to convert the stock Camera application into a scanner for QR codes.

This particular tweak to the Camera application on iPhones and iPads was developed by Simon Selg.

Selg’s tweak allows the mobile app to be able to recognize all forms of QR codes. Moreover, the tweak to the application is capable of recognizing SMS, URL, vCard, Phone number, Email, and Location quick response codes and then displays them within a finely formatted presentation. The tweak is designed to help the user to be able to gain greater convenience and benefit from the use of the barcodes.

For instance, if QR codes are scanned with embedded vCard contacts, the tweak could offer enhanced results.

QR Codes check inThose enhancements could include providing the option to automatically add the vCard to the iPhone user’s address book when the QRcode has been scanned. QR Mode has also been fully integrated into the stock Camera mobile application as an added mode for that app. The history can be accessed in order to search through the previous barcode scans in order to be able to see what has been accessed at earlier times.


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Depending on the type of use that an iPhone or iPad owner might want for the barcodes, this tweak could provide the Camera app with enough features that it could be possible to do everything that the user needs as a scanner. It could negate the need for a dedicated scanner for 2D barcodes.

The tweak makes it possible for device users to access all types of QR codes and provides displays of clear content and smooth animations. The QR Mode Camera app tweak has already been translated into 26 different languages and is compatible with devices that operate on iOS 8.x and higher. Unfortunately, the tweak is not available for free, as is the case with the majority of scanning apps, but it is not very expensive, either.

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