QR codes bring new life to the packaging at CRC

Scanning QR codes

Scanning QR codesThe manufacturer of the products has announced that its labels will now be smartphone friendly.

CRC Brakleen manufacturer, CRC Industries, has announced that it has launched a whole new look for the packaging of its DIY penetrants and lubricants which includes QR codes to allow smartphone users to gain more information about the products.

The new packaging has already been added to the products, which are now on the shelves and bays in repair shops.

The marketing manager for the company, Dori Ahart, explained the strategy for changing the product packaging and adding QR codes by saying that “The new look is more retail-friendly, yet still easily recognizable as CRC, a brand that professionals have trusted for more than half a century.” Ahart went on to say that the new product labeling provides a prominent display of the item while highlighting its primary features.

It was pointed out that the QR codes will be important for helping customers access additional information.

Ahart stated that “We have also added quick response [QR] bar codes that will help consumers access information such as videos, recommended applications, safety data sheets (SDS) and bilingual label translations.” The company is looking to have professionals and do it yourselfers gain access to all of the useful information that they require about the product, regardless of whether they are in a store, at a point of purchase, or actually on the job.

The company recognized that there is a rapid growth in the number of people within the industry who are using smartphones. By adding QR codes to the packaging of the products, it provides a direct connection with those individuals. It provides an instant ability to offer materials that had never previously been available to consumers. CRC Industries feels that this makes them more interactive and that they are adding value to the products that they are selling on the shelves.

The QR codes are also being used to assist the professional technician, who requires rapid access to the product specifications or technical data. The new packaging is available on five different individual products in the lubricants and penetrants lines that are manufactured by the company.

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