QR codes break into the fitness industry

QR Codes fitness

QR Codes fitnessSan Diego health club makes use of QR codes

A health club in San Diego, California, is bringing QR codes to the fitness industry. The Sporting Club has begun integrating QR codes into instructional videos and printed materials in order to promote its workout experience and the benefits afforded to club members. The club has chosen to make use of QR codes because of the rising popularity of smartphones among its members. The codes could help the club connect with its members in a more dynamic way, providing these members with more robust services.

Codes provide dynamic engagement for consumers

QR codes are popular marketing tools and are widely used in print marketing campaigns around the world. They are also effective mediums for information distribution. Codes can be scanned with any smartphone that is equipped with a QR code scanning application, which are typically free. Once a code is scanned, it provides content to a mobile device, which can take the form of video and simple text or direct a smartphone’s web browser to a mobile website.

Club uses codes to teach members how to use fitness machines

Each fitness machine in The Sporting Club will have its own QR code. Members can scan the code to watch an instructional video on how to properly use the machine. Each video is roughly 30 seconds, providing members with basic instruction without consuming a significant amount of their time. The videos highlight ways to avoid potential injuries while working out. The codes are also used for other purposes, such as directing members to the club’s website.

QR codes may soon become a staple in fitness industry

The codes have, thus far, been well received by the club’s members, which could be the momentum that QR codes need to make a strong entry into the fitness industry. Because much of the fitness industry focuses on technology, QR codes may be ideal tools to engage consumers that are interested in working out and various fitness activities.

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