QR codes are serving more purposes than ever from talking comics to payments and prizes

QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing
QR codes are now doing more than ever before, as they become an element of mobile payment systems such as Simply Tap, the new Valiant interactive talking comic book experience, and can provide clues for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) scavenger hunt for a $40,000 prize.

These unique and innovative new uses may help to convince marketers and consumers alike to uses these codes and will show them that without using them, they will be missing out on an important opportunity.

Simply Tap-using retailers have been seeing improved sales conversions as a result of it. This is because it allows customers to spot an item that they want to buy, and then they need only use their mobile devices to scan the items to make the purchase. This makes the codes highly transactional as well as informational.

This technique brings the consumer beyond simply receiving a discount coupon or a product offer. Instead, they are guided right through the purchasing process. Furthermore, it allows retailers and marketers to track and analyze the behaviors and preferences of consumers so that they can better understand them.

Valient, on the other hand, has used QR codes for an entirely different purpose, which included enhancing the comic book experience for their readers by making the X-O Manowar comic the first ever comic book that talks. The bottom of the issue’s cover featured a QR code that redirected the user to a video of the character’s mouth which delivered a message by way of the mobile device.

The DARPA Cash for Locating and Identifying Quick Response codes (CLIQR) offered a prize of $40,000 to the first person who combined the use of QR codes with social media in order to collect all of the code locations around the world. This was a part of a study to better understand public mobilization in the case of a national disaster when they would need to find essential survival resources.

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