QR codes are often scanned by car owners

QR Codes Used For Car

QR Codes Used For CarA new study has shown that 18 percent of people who own vehicles have scanned a 2d barcode.

The results of an American survey that included the participation of more than two thousand vehicle owners has shown that nearly one in every five had scanned QR codes at least once in their lifetimes.

The research showed that a large number of drivers have interacted with the barcodes.

The study was conducted by DMEautomotive and indicated that 18 percent had scanned QR codes at some point. The participants had also been asked where they were sent when they used their smartphones or tablets in order to scan the barcodes.

There were highly varied results in terms of the outcomes of using the QR codes.

According to the survey, the results of the scanning of the QR codes included the following:

• 44 percent of the participants said that they had been directed to a location where they could obtain more information about a product.
• 44 percent of the participants said that they had been directed to a web page link.
• 36 percent said that they had received discount opportunities such as coupons.

Among the auto service customers, the results from the QR codes used also included the following:

• 10 percent had used the scan to make an appointment.
• Over 10 percent had used them to subscribe to digital newsletters or emails.
• More than 10 percent had scanned in order to access a survey.
• Over 15 percent had interacted with QR codes to access a social media page.
• Nearly 20 percent had used one to make a purchase.

According to the survey, the most popular reasons that consumers voiced in terms of their preference for the use of QR codes by auto service providers were: appointment scheduling and coupons. This data closely reflects the type of results that are being seen about the use of the barcodes by other industries, as well. Obtaining discounts consistently finds its way to the top requested uses by consumers for these little black and white squares. Now, it is up to the mobile marketers, companies and brands to put them into practice.

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