QR codes on appliances push us closer to mainstream smart homes

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Quick response codes are finding their way onto juicers, mixers, irons, and many other household items.

A company in Jaipur, India, called Bajaj Electricals, has recently revealed its strategy for remaining at the cutting edge when it comes to using QR codes for effective mobile marketing and better understanding their end users.

This effort included the application of quick response codes to the appliances that they sell.

According to the senior general manager of IT at Bajaj Electricals, V. Parab, the implementation of the QR codes was an integral element to enhancing the company’s understanding of the end user. They created the solution in house and have managed to provide themselves with a resource that tracks the complete traction of their products from the manufacturing process through to the individual vendors, as well as the technical specs and the customer usage cycle.

The customers use the QR codes from the moment that they first purchase their product.

qr codes scanThe customer who has purchased the small appliance is encouraged to scan the QRcode through an incentive of registering for a warranty on the product. This provides the consumer with a benefit while it provides the company with a few basic details about the end user. This data is used for CRM and other methods such as cross selling. What the company has found is that this strategy has allowed their IT department to become a potential source of additional revenue.

At first, the company did find that there was some hesitation among vendors about adding the quick response codes to the product packaging and unit cartons for the purpose of improved tracking in the warehouse. The reason is that it did require them to undergo some manufacturing changes. However, a few alterations allowed this to become much more readily adopted.

The company is looking at the implementation of QR codes on their appliance products as only a first step in terms of their online and mobile strategies. The reason is that they have been undergoing some evaluation of the data that they are collecting and the processes that are involved in their efforts and they have discovered that there are many factors to be considered, from pricing onward. They first intend to enhance their software to be able to better leverage the data that they are receiving, then they will be able to build a more solid future strategy.

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