QR codes appear at gas stations around Texas

QR Codes

QR Codes
The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) has issued a new compulsory fuel pump sticker that is to be applied to all fuel pumps throughout the state. The sticker is emblazoned with a QR code in an effort to provide consumers with more in-depth knowledge about where they get their gas. The codes have been getting a swell of interest from governmental agencies lately, most of which comes in regards to transportation. In using the codes, the TDA hopes that consumers will feel that the agency is paying more attention to their needs.

The QR codes resolve to a mobile website that allows consumers to view past inspections done at their fuel station of choice. This glimpse into a stations history will alert consumers to any problems the station may have had in bygone years and whether they meet the standards established by the state government. The codes will also enable consumers to file complaints with the TDA regarding issues they may be having at a particular station.

The TDA will be monitoring feedback provided by those scanning the QR codes. This feedback will serve as a benchmark for further uses of the codes and will help the agency determine whether they are a viable means of information distribution. Thus far, feedback has been moderately positive, though there is still a lack of awareness about what the codes actually are.

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