QR codes released in time for trade show by Joy of Plants

QR codes

QR codes

The “Plant Info” smartphone barcodes were launched at the Four Oaks event.

Joy of Plants announced that, in partnership with the Atkiro wholesale nursery, it successfully launched its “Plant Info” QR codes at the trade show that occurred in Four Oaks.

The benefits of using the barcodes on plant labels were highlighted at the event.

These QR codes were available to be used on any type of label for plants, and are currently available for more than 7,500 different varieties and species.

The Joy of Plants offers data and images for each plant, which can be viewed via scanned QR codes.

By way of these QR codes, the Joy of Plants is able to further its ability to supply information and a photograph for each different plant variety. It focuses specifically on the species that are suitable for gardens within Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the participants and attendees of the trade show were able to see how it was possible for them to license the Joy of Plants Plant Finder in order to add this useful and convenient feature to their own websites and make this same data available to their customers. Moreover, there was also an mcommerce element, as an iPhone app from the Joy of Plants could also allow customers to access this information through their mobile phones.

According to Terri Jones, the director at Joy of Plants, “With our QR codes we are letting nurseries and garden centres offer access to high quality plant information from their labels, free of charge.” Jones went on to explain some of the benefits of the service by saying that “They don’t have to worry about creating and delivering the plant information, all they have to do is add our 2cm square QR codes to their labels, and we do all the rest.”

The QR codes are offered to be used as a part of an online and mcommerce strategy as an educational tool element that can assist gardeners in becoming more familiar with the plants that they are considering or those that they have planted into their gardens. Jones stated that the company had put a great deal of time into speaking with gardeners ranging from the novice to the experienced level regarding the plant information that they find useful. The design of the plant specific data is based specifically on what was discovered through this research.

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