Another WWE QR code was recently revealed

QR Code - WWE

A recent WWE Backlash Broadcast gave viewers another barcode to scan

A recent WWE Backlash Broadcast has revealed another QR code as a part of its campaign that has also included several mysterious glitches. 

The latest barcode indicated that a reveal could be approaching

The QR code and glitch additions have been showing during the WWE’s Backlash.  The most recent appeared between matches while Michael Cole, WWE announcer, was talking about Lyon, France, the event’s host city.  B-roll of the French countryside was playing when the barcode suddenly displayed on the screen.

QR Code - Backlash Uncle Howdy tease backlash2024 UncleHowdy wwe braywyatt - Image Source - Four Sides of the Ring Podcast YouTube
WWE Backlash – Phone Number – Bray Wyatt Image Source – Four Sides of the Ring Podcast YouTube

Those who scanned the code were brought to a site with the slug “porte_ouverte” at the end of its URL, which is French for “open door”.  That page was hosting an audio file as well as what appeared to be a phone number.  The phone number matched that of an audio clip from Bray Wyatt’s doctor in 2022, at which time the mental health diagnosis of the character was revealed.

Many believe the QR code was a hint that Bray Wyatt may soon return

During the audio play, a female speaks with a distorted voice, saying, “You think you’re so close to finding him but you don’t even know what you’re looking for. He’s not what you think. He just wants to help. That’s all he’s ever wanted. He opens up his arms and makes you feel like you matter; like you belong. He doesn’t change you. He, he reminds you. He wants to know, ‘Why did you forget about them?’ He says he opened the door and the time of secrets has come to an end.”

Since the phone number was first posted, its message has changed.  It now has a voice that makes reference to “the ones that had gone missing,” and adding that “None of you cared. Their families didn’t care. Their friends didn’t care, but I set them free. They are my family now and we will do anything to protect our family. I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve become. It’s beautiful.”

This recording now playing at the number shown when the QR code was scanned mentions a number of people, further supporting that Bray Wyatt could be making a return.

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